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6-Figure Skills vs. a 6-Figure Mindset

Episode 001

After 40 years of teaching, Rena Cook retired and opened her own small business as a presentation coach. She candidly shared, “When I retired from teaching I opened my business, Vocal Authority, and I had no idea how to run a business.”

She was accustomed to the education system where you work your tail off for a pre-determined salary and that’s the way it is. Deciding what to charge for giving a speech or providing coaching required a major mindset shift to recognize and embrace her 6-figure skills.

"I have to practice wrapping my mind around the fact that I should be commanding more money."

Listen to Rena tell the story of the first time she asked for what she was worth and what inspired her to leave a university teaching position during her tenure year.

Rena Cook is a voice, speech, and presentation coach, author, and TEDx speaker. The books we reference in this episode are:

Empower Your Voice
For Women in Business, Politics and Life

Her Voice in Law
Vocal Power and Situational Command for the Female Attorney

Visit Rena’s Website:


When I asked if Rena wanted to wear a costume with me she said she always loves an opportunity to wear her tiara, so that’s what we did. Rena even brought her wand. Follow the show on Instagram @moneyheartshow to see pics of my costumes from each episode.



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