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Health is Wealth

Episode 117

Len Glassman jokingly describes himself as a recovering attorney. He explains that after 4 years of law school and 12 years in practice he just wasn’t happy. Unfortunately (but actually, very fortunately) he was laid off from his job as an officer at a hospital. Right then he decided he never wanted to have another job where someone else was in control of his future.

The very next say he ran into an old friend who was a serial entrepreneur. She and her husband were about to start up a fitness training center and invited him to come work with them. He loved it, learned a ton, and eventually bought the business from them. He ran that business for years and expanded it to having 15 trainers.

In this episode Len opens up about how fitness not only saved his physical health but also his mental health. We have a fun discussing about the best way to build a business and some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Before we wrap up Len provides us with a few exercises we can do to relieve the stress of sitting for long periods of time. Best of all the only equipment we need is a wall. Join us!


"If you feel uncomfortable in what you're doing everyday, then it's not the right place."

-Len Glassman


About Len Glassman

Len Glassman is a Master Level Personal Trainer and Certified Health Nutritionist with over 25 years of professional fitness experience. He is the owner of Personal Best Training Center and Fit Pro Express Virtual Training.

Len is dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain optimal health and fitness at all stages of life. He works with people to change their physical outlook on life through holistic health, optimal wellness and intellectual fitness, using a unique blend of personalized programming and expert instruction, to help them move better, feel physically and emotionally empowered and provide deeper meaning, purpose and insight into all aspects of their lives.

Len’s unique expertise was most recently featured in the Vitamin Shoppe blog article titled It’s Time To Master The Towel Workout, where he shared how to turn your towel into a workout weapon! He has also contributed to several high profile articles in national health and fitness magazines including AARP, Eat This Not That, Consumer Health Digest and Men’s Journal, and has served as a fitness and health advisor, corporate wellness and lifestyle consultant and motivational speaker. He is also an Affinity Partner with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC.

Len is the acclaimed author of Soul Trainer, a fictional-fitness series of short stories that takes readers on an inspirational journey, where fictional characters with troubled lives find fitness as a way to overcome insurmountable obstacles, while challenging readers to gain control over their lives from the outside in.

He is also the creator of the Fitness Fundamentals Personal Training Exercise Program.

Len believes that in order to get people to move, you must create a movement, something bigger than yourself that people from all walks of life can relate to.

Money Mantra:

"Being Fiscally Fit and Physically Fit Go Hand in Hand."

-Len Glassman


When I asked what costume he wanted to wear Len made the logical choice of fitness gear. Most of my fitness gear is pretty well used, lol, but I finally found a set that was color coordinated and without holes.

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