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Breaking Free from Money Chains

Episode 120

Trauma is not only caused by things like car accidents and bad breakups. Jessica “Vibrant” Hammock teaches that trauma can be caused by anything where we had an expectation and what actually happened did not meet our expectations. 

Therefore, anytime we have a money experience that doesn’t meet our expectations we may have a trauma response and store it in our bodies. This often appears as headaches, anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

In this episode, Jessica teaches us how to begin to rewire our thinking around money. She encourages us to give ourselves permission to recognize where we are, change our behaviors, and learn a new story. Join us!



"I always believe that there's this grace period for us when we learn new information to begin to walk it out... You don't have to fix it all today."

-Jessica "Vibrant" Hammock


About Jessica Hammock

Jessica Hammock is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Certified Trauma Specialist, Emotional Mastery Coach, Speaker and Author. Chief Creator and Visionary of Vibrant Voice. Jessica has over 15 years of experience in education as a teacher, counselor, and mental health specialist. She is married to her husband Aaron of 15 years and has an 8 month old miracle baby, Hope Elizabeth.

The best way to contact Jessica is by email at or you can visit her website

Money Mantra:

"My worth and value has nothing to do with the money that I have, keep or earn. I have exactly what it takes to earn unlimited amounts of money for all that I desire."

-Jessica Hammock


Jessica’s focus is helping people to break free from their money chains. She suggested a prisoner costume for our recording and I loved the opportunity to create a look I hadn’t done before.

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