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Episode 119

Stéphanie’s parents weren’t always the best at managing money. As she was entering adulthood she realized that if she wanted to have money it was up to her. She worked hard and did well but continued to struggle. After her kids and husband were all diagnosed with ADHD, Stephanie finally allowed herself to be tested and discovered what she already knew, she had ADHD.

Knowing that her brain learns and processes differently, Stéphanie was able to rewrite her money story. She and her husband put tools in place to help them better manage their finances. They have regular check-in meetings to stay on track and they are now debt free. They have even been able to save and pay for a backyard renovation and regularly have space in their budget for fun stuff like eating dinner out.

Stéphanie now coaches those who want to overcome limiting beliefs and reach their full potential. In this episode she shares her experience and some of her best tips on how to break free from inner conflict and live the life you desire.



"If I wanted to have money it was up to me."

-Stéphanie Rourke Jackson


About Stéphanie Rourke Jackson

Stéphanie is a high energy, coffee drinking, naturally curious problem solver who likes to push limits. As founder of Beacon Coaching & Leadership she is a guide, coach and mentor for ambitious people who want to grow their confidence, crush limiting beliefs and discover their full potential. She is the creator of the radical self-awareness program and life plan called Identity Mapping. She also created the coaching program called ADDvance for Adults with ADHD who want to function well in work and at home. 

Stéphanie is a life learner who is inspired by success stories, especially when adversity is overcome. She’s passionate about human dignity and engages her voice to create awareness to end human trafficking.

In her downtime, she can be found at the beach with a good book or running on a trail listening to an inspiring podcast or classic rock, like John Mayer. Stéphanie loves laughing with her three grown children and husband of 30 years whom she married twice! She’s a firm believer that nothing is impossible when you know who you are and courageously empower yourself with support! 

You can connect with Stéphanie through her website on Instagram at and on LinkedIn at
Here are links to a few helpful tools:
Mint (free budgeting app):
Stéphanie’s free workbook and “Get Outta the Rut” training:

Money Mantra:

"Be generous in giving, it’ll always come back to you."

-Stéphanie Rourke Jackson


Stéphanie asked to wear a unicorn costume for our recording to reflect how unique each person is. I already had a unicorn horn on standby and added a shiny shirt and boa to make my unicorn extra fancy.

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