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Inevitable Money Moves

Episode 118

Is any of us prepared when we start our own business? Usually not! After starting her business El Knezevic found she kept running into blocks when it came to making money. Being the type of person who takes responsibility and seeks out solutions, El quickly discovered the blocks were not external, they were internal.

In this episode El brings up those tough money emotions like shame, worthiness, and all the other stuff stored in our subconscious. She talks about how we can get so easily distracted by small money issues like a little raise in price when we open a bill. Then she shares with us how we can start to change our money situation by changing in three key areas mindset, words, and action.

El explains that our minds are always looking for evidence and whatever you believe, you’re always right. You will always find evidence to support your belief, so change what you’re looking for! If you’ve been wanting to modify your money mindset in a fun, low-stress way, this is the episode for you.


"Some of that for me, please."

-El Knezevic


About El Knezevic

El Knezevic is an intuitive money mindset and abundance coach for women in business. El empowers women to break through their inner glass ceiling and get in the financially fierce mindset and energy that makes money inevitable. As a former business-owner in the male-dominated construction industry, El is passionate about shifting the financial consciousness of female leaders.

You can connect with El through her website

Money Mantra:

"There is no loss in Divine mind. Whatever is meant for me comes to me with ease and abundance."

-El Knezevic


El suggested fun hats as our theme. I made mine by decorating a plain had with autumn leaves. In her unique and cheerful style, El added pineapple sunglasses to her look and I absolutely loved them.

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