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Shifting Out of a Recession Mindset

Episode 003

To the shock and dismay of her family, Peri left her secure and stable teaching job to become an entrepreneur. She shares with us how she made the shift from making roughly $250 a day as a high school teacher to making $3,500 a day when she made the decision to charge the same as her husband for public speaking engagements.

"We actually ended up being positioned as equals in the business."

Peri teaches us how our emotional reactions to previous money related situations influence our thinking when new situations arise. She provides us with a new, calmer, more rational perspective on what a recession is, what it’s not, where to focus, and how to continue to serve our clients.

Peri Shawn is an award-winning business author. You can connect with Peri through her Facebook Group Selling with Science and Soul.


Whenever my guest chooses not to join me in dressing in costume I try to select a look that will make them smile. For Peri’s episode I choose a Little Red Riding Hood inspired outfit. To my delight, Peri surprised me by choosing to wear red as well!

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