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How Frugality Leads to Generosity

Episode 008

As a child Dee Selby saved all the pennies in her household and eventually opened a bank account. She passed that culture of saving on to her family through group goals like saving for a really nice playset when her kids were young. Now that her children have grown up she watches them be incredibly generous with their money. Because they don’t have debt, they don’t have the same restrictions others have when making money decisions.

"They save and save and save and save, but when they see a need, they're free to help other people with their money."

Dee and I have a wonderful discussion about the freedom budgeting and saving provides, the stress that comes with keeping up with the neighbors, and the consequences of traditional “retail therapy.” Then Dee shares a unique and generous solution!

Dee Selby is a professional organizer and productivity specialist and the owner of Dee’s Downsize and Declutter. She can be reached through her website or on Facebook. Her book, Rethinking Roles, Goals, and Obligations: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Prioritizing Relationships, Directing Energy, and Pursuing Passion, is available on Amazon.


Dee was all-in on the dressing up proposal. When she told me she had fairy wings I said, “me too!” and we instantly had a plan. You can’t really see it here, but I’ve modified my wings to have a purple LED running all along the edges. They are super fun to wear at night.

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