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Investing in Your Health

Episode 013

As a nation we spend trillions on health care each year. In 2006 when Dr. Tanya Jackson found herself frequently visiting the doctor, taking antibiotics to combat recurring sinus infections, and taking pain medication for a torn meniscus, she started to search for a way to improve her health. Turns out she’d heard the message as a kid and then forgot to apply it when adult life got hectic.

"It's just planning ahead a little bit. It's really what our grandmas said. Eat your fruits and vegetables."

Now, over 14 years later, Tanya has learned you can’t out exercise a poor diet. Staying healthy is not just one thing, it’s a combination of sleep, food, water, exercise, and reduced stress that brings quality of life. We have a candid discussion about what really matters in our health, how anxiety and fear can take a toll, and whether it’s worth it to pay now for quality food and self care, or better to pay later when major health issues arise. We also get to reminisce a bit about our Grand Canyon adventures.

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Tanya fully admits she’s addicted to the Grand Canyon. Together, we hiked Rim to Rim (north to south) in one day in May 2018. (Not 2017 as we thought during our recording.) Tanya and her husband refer to any of their gear that has been to the bottom of the canyon and back as “bona fide.” For our costumes we chose to wear our Grand Canyon shirts and bona fide hiking hats.

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