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Balancing Money Styles in Relationships

Episode 019

My husband Tony and I came from different backgrounds and had very different money styles when we got married. This caused quite a bit of tension in the beginning as both of us were uncomfortable with the other person’s style of managing money. In this episode we unpack our initial differences, discuss how we’ve both changed, and share where we are now.

"Where you come from shapes your idea of money and what you do with it."


Tony Diaz is an e-commerce business consultant, a multi-time national champion martial artist and former member of Team USA. He’s an author, a competitive cyclist, race promoter, and runs the Tulsa Cycling Events Calendar. He’s also been my husband since 2002. It was really fun to look back together at how much progress we’ve made in understanding each other and where we’ve each helped the other grow.

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I’m not the only one in the family who’s into the costume game. For this episode we chose our coordinating woodland elf costumes complete with pointy ears.

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Potential and a dollar is a dollar. I realize my potential.


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