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Instant Gratification

Episode 031

When Debra and her husband were as she says “raking it in” they didn’t worry at all about how much they were spending or what they were buying. Big house, horses, new clothes, they had them all! She remembers going to the grocery store and just getting whatever she wanted without a list or a budget, but their lifestyle of instant gratification didn’t last forever.

"Saving... it didn't even cross my mind. It seemed like the present was endless in what it could provide for us."

From frugal to flush and back to frugal again, Debra Parkhurst shares her story of choosing personal happiness over a huge paycheck and how she and her husband adapted from a lifestyle of spending to a lifestyle of saving and buying responsibly. After getting into debt and going through several health challenges she’s learned to delay gratification and how to get nice things on a budget.

Debra Parkhurst is a former data processing professional and has an applied psychology degree in small group behavior. She was a human and equine massage therapist for 9 years. Then she got involved in senior care and did everything from hospice to assisted living for 20 years. She retired from senior care twice, ran her own cottage bakery, and is now fully retired. These days she enjoys gardening, writing, painting, and spending time with her husband and cats. She reminds us all, “You are not what you have. You are what you give.” Debra can be reached via email at


Pirate is my very favorite costume to create and wear. It’s so very versatile and I seem to have many pieces that work for pirate garb. This is the first in a series of pirate costumes. My plan is to evolve the character in rank over time in episodes where my guests choose not to wear a costume.

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"Is it a just want or do I just want it?"


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