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Optimal Employment

Episode 046

Unemployment is typically looked upon as a bad thing. Bill Harrison teaches his clients to look on unemployment as an opportunity to discover what they would love to do and to find a career that is perfectly suited to their talents, strengths, and passions.

"You have a unique set of talents, abilities, experience, your personality type that no one else it the world has."

When you know your strengths you can be confident in what you’re doing whether that’s working on a project at your job, negotiating your next contract, or starting your own business. Bill shares why he encourages everyone to work in their strengths and not to waste any time on trying to build their weaknesses.

Bill Harrison is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Award Winning Author, and Public Speaker. His books “Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Your God-Ordained Destiny” and “TRAVELING SOLO, but NEVER ALONE: Surviving and Thriving After the Death of a Spouse” are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through his website On the website there’s also a page on his Career Transitions Support Group. They meet on the first and third Wednesdays via Zoom and have many shared links to help those in need.

The Clifton Strengths test Bill references can be found HERE.


Pirate is my very favorite costume, so whenever my guest chooses not to dress in costume I do some version of a pirate costume. I’ve been evolving this one over the past few months and it continues to grow.

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Money Mantra: "Discover your optimal employment and you'll have all the money you need."


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