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Economics Controls Process

Episode 047

Economics is all about where we place value and how we choose to allocate our resources. Dr. Joshua Fisher leads us through a discussion on how we can better plan ahead and choose where we want to spend not just our money, but our time and energy as well.

"If you're not thinking a little bit about your money things are probably out of kilter."

Josh shares about a time when he did not plan well and the stress and disappointment it caused him. We also get in to our brains’ ability to ignore things and Josh shares with us how he organizes his day and week for success. He throws in a few other productivity tips for us as well.

Dr. Joshua Fischer, President of Progressus, a Quality Management Consulting Company.

Dr. Fischer has served extensively in roles within higher education ranging from faculty to just under 10,000 students, director of distance education, regional and state dean, vice president of academic affairs, and college president.  

He now serves as leader to several companies including InterLearn (a higher education consulting company for online programs), InterLearn Institute (a direct to student online institution), and Progressus (a quality management consulting company).  

Joshua’s Ph.D. program through Oklahoma State University was in Applied Behavioral Studies/Educational Psychology with emphasis in curriculum, adult and distance education, gifted and talented education, and research.  His master’s in Educational Administration is through Oral Roberts University.  He also has a bachelor’s in Pastoral Care/Theology from Oral Roberts University.  

For leisure activities, Dr. Fischer stays active.  He enjoys lifting weights, running, golf, basketball, reading, paintball, movies, and playing the drums.  

Most importantly, Dr. Fischer is a family man with a beautiful wife, two daughters, and a boy.

Can be reached through the Progressus company website progressused.comJosh’s books “The Quality Management Devotional for Ministry Leaders” and “8 Essential Values for Academic Leaders: A Quality Management Checklist” are both available on Amazon. Josh’s next book is for those in the business field and he plans to release it by the end of 2021.


When Josh told he had a Han Solo vest so I knew I was ready to do another Star Wars themed costume. In Episode 018 I was a Jedi. This time I chose Padme Amidala as my inspiration.

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Money Mantra: "Remembering that economics controls process will help you set your expectations right."


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