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Decoding Money Styles

Episode 058

Ever meet someone and immediately hit it off? Ever meet someone else and instantly get the wrong vibe? When you’re in sales or an entrepreneur (aka: sales without a safety net) being able to connect with others is a huge part of earning a living. In this episode Michelle Lee Myrter explains the BANK system of decoding money styles and teaches us how to adapt our conversations to create better relationships.

"Everything's based off of relationships and how you communicate."

If you’re not speaking the right language as an influencer, sales person, entrepreneur, manager, or team leader your message won’t get through to your prospects or team. Learning how to identify other people’s money styles can help you to find common ground and have a productive conversation. Michelle gives us some clues and tips on identifying primary the money style of the person in front of us.

Michelle Lee is an award winning coach and trainer, and a professional speaker who comes from a 28 year background in sales and marketing for a 12 Million dollar company and also spent many years in purchasing. She built a very successful food company while also building a successful Direct Sales Business. She will give you a system, tool, and training that will not only increase your income but it will take your relationships with your family and friends to a whole new level.

Michelle Lee Myrter is a Certified BANK Coach and Trainer. She encourages everyone to Go for the YES!!!!! Increase your revenue, close sales faster, and build better relationships! Michelle can be reached via email at or you can book a FREE discovery call at A free BANK assessment is available at


When I asked Michelle if she’d like to wear a costume she said the only costume she had was Harley Quinn. Always up for a challenge, I dug up a Joker costume I had on hand and had tons of fun with the makeup.

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Money Mantra: "You have to get into the right mindset about money. "


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