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Senior Living Pro Tips

Episode 067

Most people are nervous about senior living facilities because we have an old view of a them being similar to a hospital and we don’t want to surrender our independence. In this episode Miri Hadas Koller who has worked in the senior living sector for over 15 years shares what senior living is really like and gives us her best pro tips for selecting the right facility.

“Every time I walk into one I'm already choosing my suite.”

Miri points out that when living in a house alone most seniors are very alone. They don’t have anyone to talk to for days on end and often neglect their nutrition and other personal needs because it’s not very inspiring to cook or clean for just one person.

We discuss how the cost of a senior living facility covers everything including food, cleaning, transportation, and additional care as needed. Miri’s biggest tip is to visit the facility. She emphasizes how important it is to get a feel for the place and make sure the environment is one you (or your loved one) will enjoy.

Miri Hadas Koller is the CEO of Yee Hong Seniors Living and has almost 30 years of experience in all aspects of real estate, including the marketing of single-family homes and condominium properties, the management of commercial properties, and now almost 15 years experience in the Retirement Home sector.

Miri has a passion for people, and faith in people’s good intentions. Working in teams, building relationships, helping people shine, is what she believes leaders should do. You can connect with Miri on LinkedIn under Miri Hadas Koller or by emailing


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