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Rising from the Ashes

Episode 072

Tabitha Taylor has really been through a lot. Her mother struggled with addiction while she was growing up. Her son passed away when he was 14 months old and then she got divorced while she was 3-months pregnant with her daughter. Her business closed after they expanded too quickly and recently, her family got into a battle over inheritance money after her parents passed away.

“It took many years but over time I was able to go on to live a very happy life.”

In this episode Tabitha shares some of the money struggles people often experience when going through difficult times and explains how she has been able to work through the grief. She speaks very openly about her trials and her decision to stop being the victim, start taking control over her life, and start enjoying herself.

Tabitha L. Taylor is the founder of Phoenix Masterminds. She focuses on helping women rise above the ashes of adversity. You can contact Tabitha through her website and on LinkedIn. Follow her on Instagram @tabithaltaylor.


Since Tabitha’s company is Phoenix Masterminds a phoenix was the clear theme choice for costumes. Tabitha’s cloak has a huge phoenix on it and I really loved creating a costume with feathers.

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Money Mantra: "Money is just a tool to buy experiences while here on earth."


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