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Impactful Giving

Episode 074

Elizabeth King began her career working for a non-profit and has been passionate about giving ever since. As we near giving Tuesday she encourages all of us to find ways we can contribute to our community and make an impact with our giving.

“It can be time, talent or treasure. It doesn’t have to just be money.”

Giving doesn’t just help the receiver, it helps the giver as well. Those who donate their time and talents have actually been found to live longer. If your company does corporate giving it can help your audience connect with you because they know you share the same values. Elizabeth emphasizes that it’s ok for our giving focus to shift as our life shifts. No need to feel obligated to donate to the same cause every year. She also points out that it’s the many small gifts combined from all of us which really make the difference.

To research a charity and determine if it aligns with your values you can visit or

To attend one of Elizabeth’s What Works Webinars visit her LinkedIn page

The What Works? webinar we did together on podcasting “Podcasting for Fun and Profit” is on YouTube.


When @ElizabethKingConsulting was going through her costumes she found one with a cloak and mask. I was excited to finally wear a cloak I bought on sale several years ago and hadn’t had a chance to wear yet. I paired it with a mask I had from a previous masquerade ball I hosted at my ballroom studio.

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Money Mantra: "When donors combine their resources, they can have a greater impact than any one person can do alone."


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