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Preparing for a Baby

Episode 078

There is so much to consider with having a baby. Financial, emotional, and practical. In this episode Fairy GodMentor, Angie Taylor, shares just a snippet of her knowledge on planning for, having, and then caring for a new baby.

“As parents we are always the expert of our child.”

Angie strongly advocates for parents-to-be to educate themselves before birth and to ask as many questions as they need to find answers during the process. She wants parents to know they have choices about all aspects of their journey into creating a tiny human. Angie shares best practices on prenatal health, involving the father, child birthing, breastfeeding, and sleeping through the night. Whether you’re planning for your first child or your fifth child, this episode is worth a listen.

Angie Taylor is the Fairy GodMentor, Birth Insider, and an Oola Life Coach. She can be reached by emailing or visit her website


Since Angie is the Fairy GodMentor, fairy godmother costumes were a clear choice for our recording. I absolutely love Angie’s crown.

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