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Woman, You’re Worth It!

Episode 088

The negative conversations inside our heads so frequently stop us from negotiating the salary we want or asking for that raise because we feel like we’re not worth it. From the very beginning Lee Ann negotiated her salary and later learned she was earning more than her colleagues simply because she asked for it. She shares the following piece of advice.

“Always negotiate. Never ever take what they give you."

During our discussion Lee Ann shares not only the importance of knowing your worth and getting paid, but the importance of saving and planning for the future. She talks about how hard it was to save when she got her first job and how much it’s paying off now that she has a big pile ready to allow her to live the retirement of her dreams.

Lee Ann Bonnell is a Certified Life and Health Coach.  She attained a Transformational Master Coach certification in 2021. She is currently pursuing certification as a coach for the BANK program. She started her business in 2021 as a health coach and quickly transitioned to helping working those who wanted to exit Chaos and Frustration and enter into a life they deserve with her Grit & Grace program.

Lee Ann started her career as an engineer at General Motors working on such iconic cars as the Chevrolet Corvette, Full Size Pickup Trucks, and Cadillac. She holds a Masters in Quality Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University. Lee Ann has worked in manufacturing most of her career, including automotive, heavy industrial and telecommunications. She has also worked in the financial industry.  

As a coach, Lee Ann focuses on her 1 to 1 coaching program and group coaching. She is inspired to help professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to exit the chaos because they fail to believe they deserve to be the masters of their own lives.

Lee Ann and her husband Eric live in Glen Allen, VA.  She is an avid equestrian, loves to travel and learn about history. To get in touch with Lee Ann you can email her at


When we started discussing costumes Lee Ann went and found a couple of cowgirl hats which she had. I hadn’t done a cowgirl costume before so I was totally in. I had no way of knowing whether she was going to pick the red or the pink when I created my costume. We both chose red!

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Money Mantra: "Money is energy. It cannot be created or destroyed, but you can increase it."


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