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From Employee to Entrepreneur

Episode 104

Building an entrepreneur mindset typically doesn’t happen overnight. In this episode SJ Barakony shares his journey of slowly transitioning from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur. It wasn’t just a job switch. As he tested the entrepreneurial waters with a side-hustle his mindset started to transition and lead him to where he is today; now calling himself The Education Sherpa.

Join us as we discuss the growth that happens as one embraces being an entrepreneur and what it’s like to see life through the eyes of a business owner rather than the eyes of an employee. SJ says that truly happens when we become a producer of value instead of a consumer of resources.


“Have the courage and the heart, but also keep the discerning mind, too. Have that social circle around you that will be champions and encouragers.”

- SJ Barakony


About SJ Barakony

SJ Barakony, the Education Sherpa, is a restless entrepreneurial spirit who is involved in multiple ventures, totally self-employed, and joyful to have so much agency and autonomy. His day-to-day work sits right in the middle of the futures of work and of education. 

If you’d like to connect with SJ you can find him on LinkedIn: and Instagram:

Money Mantra:

"Time = Gold. Money = Silver."

- SJ Barakony


SJ’s title is The Education Sherpa so I decided to play with the Sherpa theme. After a bit of googling for inspiration I put together a costume representing those amazing guides who lead people up Mt. Everest.

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