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Healing Money Wounds

Episode 107

While running a highly successful business, Emily Wilcox got burned out on “hard” and started exploring what “easy” would look like. She led herself back to feminine energy, healed her money wounds, reprogrammed her subconscious mind and nervous system, and welcomed easy money. In this episode she explains the six money wounds which keep us stuck in lack and prevent us from reaching our full potential. They are:

1. Money Shame
2. Evil Money
3. Money Trust
4. Hard Money
5. Safe
6. Disappearing

Emily is an expert at identifying and healing money wounds to help entrepreneurs level up. Listen in and learn to level up your money game with ease!


“If we perceive the distance between where we're at and where we want to be as lack then we will perceive our entire lives as lack.”

- Emily Wilcox


About Emily Wilcox

Emily Wilcox is a crystal loving, coffee drinking, money magnetizer and business coach.

Emily’s mission is to help female entrepreneurs uncover their money wounds and heal them in community, so that more money flows to embodied women & collectively up levels the planet.

After building two 7-figure businesses in the masculine energy of hustle & grind, Emily decided to ditch the belief that it had to be hard. She put those businesses in the hands of her capable team so she could dive deeper and amplify what she truly loves: the inner work. She uses energetics, woo woo, and a sprinkle of strategy to help women call in more money, joy, ease, and play.

Emily’s website is or slide into her DMs on Instagram

Money Mantra:

"Money is easy, money is fun. I love money and money loves me."

- Emily Wilcox


Thrilled to be diagnosing and healing money wounds, Emily chose a doctor’s costume as our theme. I love finding different ways to do this costume!

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