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Service Without Sacrifice

Episode 115

Many of us, especially women, are taught that in order to serve we must sacrifice something precious to us. Frequently, the sacrifice we make is our own well being. We sacrifice our income, our physical health, and our and mental health to be what we believe to be the most helpful and the most useful person possible.

For years Linda-Ann Stewart did exactly that. She volunteered regularly and helped out with every event until her health took a turn for the worst and she was forced to learn to say “no”. As she practiced saying no she made some key discoveries about being of service versus giving a gift. Most importantly that service doesn’t have to be for free and that it’s incredibly hard to give when your energy and finances are low.

In this episode Linda-Ann shares her story and we discuss how value, priorities, feeling indebted, and feelings of  resentment all play into this theme. Linda-Ann does a wonderful job of teaching us where to draw the line, creative ways to say no with confidence and kindness, and how to serve without sacrifice.


"Service is different than a gift."

-Linda-Ann Stewart


About Linda-Ann Stewart

As a focus coach, hypnotherapist, speaker and writer, Linda-Ann Stewart works with women entrepreneurs and small business owners who have gotten stuck and distracted by shiny objects. She empowers them to focus, master their mindset and manage their priorities, so they manifest greater prosperity, well being and freedom. She opened her private hypnotherapy practice in 1990, a few years after moving to Sedona, Arizona.

A dozen years ago, she transitioned her business to coaching women to be more effective, efficient and productive. Over 300 of her articles on mindset, motivation, and empowerment have been published in magazines, newsletters and online. Many can be found on her website, and her Monthly Coaching Tips videos can be found on her YouTube channel: 

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Money Mantra:

"When I'm being of service, I accept an equitable exchange of energy or reward that benefits both sides."

-Linda-Ann Stewart


Linda-Ann and I are both big fans of Renaissance festivals. She suggested wearing chainmail we’d each gotten at a faire along with some matching garb. The hardest part for me was choosing which chainmail pieces to wear!

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