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It’s Never About the Money

Episode 116

After 20 years of work Sarah Leslie had a very high paying career doing something she was really good at… but it was killing her. The job was so intense that she was literally sleeping with her cell phone in the bed so she wouldn’t miss any work related calls. People were starting to comment that she was losing weight and turning pale.

One day during the final rest pose of a yoga class, lying there in the dark with about 50 other people, she started crying uncontrollably. That was totally out of character and it was enough to finally move her to action. When she got up from that mat she knew she had to make a change and resigned from her job the very next day.

Sarah is now an Identity Artist who helps highly motivated individuals become strategically liberated CEO over their whole lives, including the way they create money. In addition to sharing her story, in this episode Sarah reveals the underlying causes of why we get stuck in our money beliefs and how we can start to break free.


"Money is just paper. Money doesn't mean anything unless you and I agree it means something."

-Sarah Leslie


About Sarah Leslie

Sarah spent the first 20 years of her career working from the therapy chair and as the Director of Clinical services over a 150 bed residential facility.  

After a dramatic shift in her own life, she pivoted to the virtual space allowing her the freedom to work from anywhere!  Now, she helps highly motivated individuals become strategically liberated CEO over their whole lives, including the way they create money.  

She stands out from others in her field as she is fiercely committed to her own personal growth so that she can continue to push past her own limits. 

She loves nature, being near the water and the mountains, cooking delicious meals and having thought provoking conversations.

Sarah Leslie, CEO Identity Artist

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The best way to contact @sarahleslieliberatedbadass is to send her a DM through her Facebook page: That’s where she hangs out the most.

Money Mantra:

"It's never about the money. It’s always about your beliefs about the money."

-Sarah Leslie


The first time I met Sarah she was housesitting for a friend and had an enclosure with quite a few birds hopping about in the background. I used the bird theme as inspiration for this costume, although I took the creative liberty of making it dark instead of colorful. 

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