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The Abundance Approach

Episode 002

Dee Pierce didn’t grow up with an abundance mindset. Her parents had a modest income and their default answer to purchase requests was, “no we can’t afford that” or “no you can’t have that.” A few years ago a friends post on Facebook sparked something in her and completely changed her way of thinking.

"All things are possible. I just need to work to make it happen."

As Dee turns 50 this year she is committed to living her best abundant life filled with gratitude. She shares her views on abundance in her life, how it relates to business relationships, and how easy it is to feel when someone is operating from a scarcity mindset.

Dee Pierce is a lifestyle management coach and can be reached at


Dee chose a tropical theme for our costumes in this show. She has an amazing headpiece which you can see in the video and I’m sporting my best beachwear.

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Money Mantra: I choose abundance.


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