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Trading Health for Wealth

Episode 004

After spending years in the healthcare industry Fran MacArthur has an insiders perspective on how caring for our health is spreading across multiple industries as we try to get a handle on our increasing discomfort and chronic health conditions.

"We talk about having a health care industry but what we really have is an illness care industry."

In this enlightening discussion Fran explains how simple behaviors like sitting at a desk all day or not drinking enough water have an effect on multiple aspects of our health, our bank accounts, and our children.

Fran MacArthur is a physical therapist and an independent representative for both the Bemer and Zilis. She can be reached by emailing


Whenever my guest chooses not to join me in dressing in costume I try to select a look that will make them smile. Fran got a kick out of seeing me do a 180 on my typical style by dressing in this edgy, all black, goth inspired look.

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