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Moneyology: The Psychology of Money

Episode 005

When Salt Garrison asks a group of people to raise their hands if they want to be financially independent almost all the hands go up. When he asks the same group to raise their hands if they actually are financially independent only a smattering of hands actually go up. So what’s the deal? What’s the problem?

"Even as individuals we have conflict within ourselves about money."

In this episode Salt shares a few concepts from his Moneyology course about understanding the psychology and the relationship we have with money. He addresses the money conflict we have within ourselves as well as conflicts which often arise between couples.

Salt Garrison is a human behavioral expert who works with people around their mindset. You can contact Salt and find is Moneyology course at


With my guest having a name as cool as Salt, I figured I have to try to look just as cool. I chose a 1920s gangster inspired look for this show and it made Salt smile when he saw it. Mission accomplished.

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Money Mantra: My finances are in order with my income growing and my debt dissolving.


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