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Thoughts Become Things

Episode 009

Lisa Odon was “a little bit oblivious” to money when she was growing up until during her sophomore year of high school when her parents sold their family business and had to use the money to pay her father’s medical bills when he became ill. They made things work, but there was always a constant fear of not having enough money. This caused her mom, a child of the depression, to start hoarding everything so she would never have to do without. Lisa remembers being told to “Marry a wealthy man so you’ll have opportunities.” Subconsciously, the message she received was that she could never be wealthy in her own right.

"The only way I could become wealthy was to marry into wealth."

After a career in teaching, Lisa got into sales. It was at that point when the fear of becoming wealthy really started to surface as she continued to hold herself back. In this episode she shares about some of the work she’s done to change her mindset and the amazing results she’s now having. Lisa speaks very candidly about her “God given right to prosper”, how faith and wealth can walk hand in hand, and how her journey to become wealthy has actually challenged her to go deeper in her faith.

"I wanted to be able to transition from just being able to pay the bills and have a little bit left over to really understanding what wealth meant."

Lisa wants to live in a world where “thou shalt belly laugh daily” becomes the 11th commandment, singing becomes our universal language, confidence robbers are taken captive, destroyed, and forever forbidden to roam the earth, and dog hair is repelled off living room floors by an invisible force field.

As a music teacher with more than 35 years of experience, she found her most creative self when she was working with children. As a sales professional with 6 years of experience, she found her administrative and business-minded self with a unique ability to network and connect with people. As a volunteer group facilitator at her church, she found her leadership and “I’m kicking butt” self. Now she is on a journey of melding all three worlds together in her ministerial pursuits alongside her husband, Michael.

When she is not creating Facebook Live video clips to help the human population sleep better at night, or having conversations with people who want more energy or supplements for their workouts, you can find her reading the Bible or a Jen Sincero book, creating an old-fashioned family photo album, watching reruns of “The Golden Girls,” or crocheting an afghan that takes three years to finish. Lisa’s book list is available HERE.

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For Lisa’s episode I decided to go with a steampunk aviator look. Any day when I get to wear a full-length leather coat is a good costume day for me! The earrings and necklace I made myself a couple of years ago. Lisa liked the look and was intrigued by the corsetry which can’t be seen in this photo but it can in the related post on Instagram.

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Money Mantra: I am a great employer and money wants to work with me because I’m good to money.


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