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Impulse Buying and Saver’s Guilt

Episode 012

Ever buy yourself something nice and then feel guilty about spending the money? Michele Chiappetta grew up watching her mom save, save, save, and her dad joyously spend. When it was time to manage her own money her desire to save would stop her from buying anything until she absolutely needed something. Then with limited time and options she would buy several in an attempt to solve the problem and still not end up with anything she really wanted. This continuously left her feeling frustrated and guilty.

"When is it ok to spend?"

During our discussion, Michele and I share stories of purchasing fails and explore ways to be more thoughtful in our buying decisions. She insightfully points out that guilt happens when we know somewhere deep down our purchase is not worth it. When we align our spending with our values and focus on the goal of the purchase and our desired experience, the guilt goes away. Michele shares some of her strategies for finding that balance and how she’s learned to create guilt-free spending experiences.

Michele Chiappetta is a writer, editor, and self-proclaimed cat herder. She can be contacted through social media @chippermuse or through her websites and


Michele’s humor is subtle and always right on point. She strikes me as one of those people who’s the perfect combination of sassy and classy. For this episode I chose a 1920s flapper inspired costume hoping to strike a similar balance.

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