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Making the Best Out of the Worst

Episode 014

How quickly could your business recover if the power went out, or there was a natural disaster, or one of the owners got really sick? Before starting his current company, Total Publishing and Media, Peter Biadasz was a bank auditor and part of his job was to audit disaster recovery plans of billion-dollar banks. They couldn’t afford to be down for even a few minutes. We discuss how to get started building a disaster recovery plan and how business owners can protect themselves and their businesses from sudden disaster situations by thinking way ahead, thinking way way ahead, and then preparing to adapt beyond the plan if needed.

"Knowing that you are prepared emotionally, spiritually, physically, for the plan to happen is really most of the plan. Just because you have a binder that says here's my disaster recovery plan doesn't necessarily mean that's what's gonna happen."

To keep his mindset (and thereby everything else) on track, Peter has developed a daily checklist which he completes every morning. It includes a review of both his spiritual life and personal life, as well as his businesses, income streams, and hobbies. It will be a part of his next book and he’s been kind enough to share it with us. You can download it here: Priorities Worksheet by Peter Biadasz.

Peter is a graduate of Florida State University. His passion for and expertise in the area of networking has benefited many for nearly two decades and led to his first two books. Peter has also been known to liven up his speaking engagements by utilizing his professional trumpet talent. He is the author of 17 books, and counting, and the president of Total Publishing and Media. Peter and I met through networking and he happens to be the publisher of my book The Shake Up: Misfit to Best Fit in 30 Days.


Both Peter and I have strong sarcastic streaks running through us. It’s probably part of why we get along so well. When we started discussing costumes he suggested his tacky formal t-shirt. I knew I could run with the tacky formal theme and had a blast putting together something I would never wear in real life.

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