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Investing in Your Personal Image

Episode 015

Let’s face it. How you present yourself matters. When we wear something inexpensive that isn’t comfortable or doesn’t fit well we typically don’t feel much or it may even bring us down. When we wear something that fits well, is made well, is comfortable, and looks amazing on us, we feel amazing and we present ourselves as such. So how do we show up in the best way for ourselves without breaking the bank? In this episode fashion designer, LaTasha Cobler, and I explore fast fashion marketing traps, the value of investing in yourself, buying with intention, and how to build a sustainable wardrobe.

"Are you investing in yourself, in your image? Are you putting your best foot forward? Or are you not showing up for yourself and not showing up for your business? That will make a huge difference."

The day before LaTasha’s sister passed away they made vision boards together. Empowering women through fashion was on LaTasha’s board and one night she decided she was going to honor herself and her sister and make it happen. She didn’t even know how to sew when she started and now she is an award-winning designer with her own fashion line, Madame L. View LaTasha Cobler’s work and contact her through her website


It seemed only logical to wear something from LaTasha’s line for this episode instead of something from my own closet. She requested my measurements and brought me a dress she thought would be perfect for a boss lady. It was beautiful and the fit was amazing. I was I was so impressed with her design work and tailoring. 

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I recognize quality and invest intentionally.


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