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Transparency During the Aging Process

Episode 016

Seniors lose at least $2.6 billion a year due to financial abuse… and that’s just the reported cases. Cheryl Doyle, senior and dementia care expert, and I discuss how to handle the aging process and how important it is to keep a continuous conversation going, so everyone involved knows the plan. She shares how to make sure the aging person is getting what they want, whether that’s at home or in a facility, how to spot potential dementia before it’s been diagnosed, and how to get the conversation started early.

"The role is being reversed here. Now the children are taking care of mum and dad."... "The key is to maintain the relationship and still make good choices together."

Most adult children Cheryl sees are stressed about making the absolute best choice for their parent or loved one. She explains how it’s so important to start these conversations about care and finances before the situation gets serious because the goal is to help them get what they want and we only get one chance to get it right. Cheryl Doyle is the owner of Trublu Confidence in Dementia Care and can be reached through her website


When I asked if she’d like to wear a costume Cheryl was all in and came up with the hippie theme. I enjoyed wearing my costume, but Cheryl really nailed it! Visit our Instagram to see what she came up with. 

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