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Breaking Through Scarcity Thinking

Episode 017

Frustrated with where she was financially and wanting to improve her life Hannah Johnson went to a sales class where the instructor said, “No one has the right to tell you what you’re worth.” Those words changed her mindset and her life.

"It just seemed like we were always broke and I never understood why."

She went from living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about whether or not she could afford to buy her daughter the next pair of shoes, to running multiple (profitable!) businesses including a non-profit. Now Hannah is an independent insurance agent, Regional Vice President of Bold Networking, Founder of Bold Moms, and Founder of the non-profit ReRun Medical Equipment. She can be contacted through the website


We weren’t quite sure what costumes we had in common until Hannah said, “or I have my letterman jacket?” When she sent me a picture knew it was meant to be because our school colors were exactly the same!

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I determine my worth.


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