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Feeling Irresponsible

Episode 021

One experience in Danielle’s childhood of being told was irresponsible changed the way she viewed herself from the time she was 8-years old until just recently. It caused her to push herself to be very organized and responsible as a parent and as a professional and she still holds on to that value today. When she experienced a debilitating illness and her husband died within an 8-week period, Danielle’s world came crashing down. As the medical bills mounted, budgeting went out the window. She couldn’t help feeling like it was all somehow her fault and if she had only “been more responsible” things might have turned out better.

“When you have nothing but time on your hands you can get into the weeds in your head really quickly and get really lost.”


Three years later, at a financial workshop, Danielle had an epiphany. She realized she was very responsible in many areas. She started asking questions and learning about how money works. She wanted to feel more empowered, so she read books and continued to learn and search for answers. She says, “You’ll find a way if you really want to.”

Sometimes Danielle still feel irresponsible spending money, even when buying groceries or a two-dollar ice cream. However, she pays herself first and has a plan in place so a situation like what happened before doesn’t ever happen again. She encourages us all to pick one thing and start somewhere instead of being paralyzed by overwhelm.

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Danielle seems like a true warrior to me. I chose a viking costume for her episode recording. As always, I hope my guest smiles when they see my costume and she did.

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