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Money Mastery Through Be Do Have

Episode 022

Business coach, Eric Knam, often sees businesses owners who don’t know what their profit is or how their business is doing until the end of the quarter or sometimes the end of the year. In this episode he shares with us how this isn’t just a result of poor business management it’s a result of mindset. We fall into the trap of “do do do” and forget to think about what we really want to have in all areas of our lives. Not just the fancy car, but the stable income, meaningful relationships, and spiritual peace.

"We're not humans doing, we're not humans having, we're humans being; and that tends to be the area we ignore."


We discuss the equation for success “Be x Do = Have” and the importance of the “Be” portion of that equation. Eric explains how just working harder (more doing) isn’t enough and he provides some simple ways to start raising our “Be” to achieve maximum “Have.”

Eric Knam is the owner and CEO of Action Coach Tulsa. He can be reached through his website or via email He’s offering a complimentary strategy session for all of our listeners and viewers which is a $497 value. All you need to do to book is contact him and mention MoneyHeart.



When I asked Eric about costumes he pulled out a Batman mask and I knew instantly that I wanted to wear my Harley Quinn costume. Eric and I even have some fun with voices at the beginning of the recording because he’s such a good sport.

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If it is to be, it's up to me.


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