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Who Gets My Money When I’m Gone?

Episode 023

Attorney Jamie Miller says, “The internet is great for a lot of things. Not for legal advice.” Agreed! In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of wills, trusts, and estate planning. Jamie shares about the struggles and guilt people often feel when trying to decide how they want their assets divided among their children, family, and/or favorite charities. Many people feel obligated to split assets evenly amongst their children, but what if one child has been their care taker for several years, or a child has a gambling problem?

"It's not always about the money. It's about the emotion that goes behind it and the entire history and emotional baggage."

Jamie explains that many people tend to make assumptions in estate planning like thinking they must put the oldest child in charge or making both children co-trustees. She reminds us that choosing a trustee is not a measure of our love for them, it’s more about logistics and what makes the most sense from a practical standpoint. The most difficult time to do estate planning is during a crisis, so as with all matters financial, the best time to start is today.

Jamie Miller is the owner of J. Miller Law Firm. She can be contacted on her office line at (918) 938-1322 or via email at


Combining legal stuff and money stuff is double intimidating for many people. For this episode I chose to go with an upbeat disco inspired costume accented with a heart-shaped glitter tattoo.

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