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Getting Over the Hurdles

Episode 024

Owner of New Product Creations, Mike Wasserman, helps people who are working on ideas. He often sees people who have a great idea and really want to create a product to help others, but they hold themselves back. Frequently they aren’t just worried about doing the work, they are afraid of a process they don’t know.

"You do it in stages"

As with all projects, there are many steps in the process of creating a new product. Mike and I discuss the practical steps like research, design, and funding, as well as the mindset steps. We talk about how to determine what projects make sense and which might be too risky, making choices on whether or not to continue a project, and how to determine if a project is worthwhile in the first place.

Mike Wasserman can be contacted by emailing or calling 918-641-4755.


Mike isn’t really a costume type of guy so I left this one to my costume coordinator, Lily. She came up with a toga inspired outfit for this episode and I thought it was quite fun.

Follow the show on Instagram @moneyheartshow to see more pics of my costumes from each episode including the bellbottoms from this one! I also include my guest’s costume when they choose to wear one.



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