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The Pressures of College Debt

Episode 026

Growing up Victoria was taught if you get good grades and go to a successful college you’ll have a successful life. She dug in, loved school, and followed the plan… until the debt started to crush her. After two years of college she was $30,000 in debt and that was with having earned a 50% scholarship! She couldn’t see herself ever getting out of debt if she continued down that path, so she left college and switched to online courses in a field that interested her.

"Don't let any outside forces influence your decision to attend college. Keeping up with the Jones's is so real. We think they are living their dream life but in reality they are downing."

Victoria loves her career as a nutritional coach. She was able to train and get certified through online classes for much less than the cost of a traditional college. We discuss how her student loan debt combined with her husband’s student loan debt has slowed their plans to purchase their dream home and how it’s changed her thinking about the value of college. We also discuss what they’re teaching their kids now and their strategy on how they plan to help their young children pay for college (or not) when they get older.

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When Victoria suggested a Wizard of Oz them for our recording I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Then I decided to go all in as the Wicked Witch of the West… because fun!

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