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Fear of the Unknown

Episode 027

Michael was very upfront about wanting to discuss fear when we were planning this episode. He was finally on the other side of being very afraid of whether or not his physical therapy business was going to survive Covid-19. Two months of downturn translated into six months of him and his family barely scraping by. His clients were so nervous about people coming into their homes in March and April of 2020 that he essentially had no clients.

"It wasn't because they didn't want help. They really just were so afraid..."

Michael’s saving grace was having started his business without debt and with an emergency fund in place. He started small and didn’t over extend to try to impress with a large space or fancy, expensive equipment. In this episode we discuss how his clients and followers were practically paralyzed with fear when he offered them a virtual program and how he’s now building his business to have multiple streams of income and be stronger for the future.

Dr. Michael Hyland is the owner of Hyland Physical Therapy and Wellness in Broken Arrow, OK and runs the Facebook group Parkinson’s Warriors International. He can be reached by calling 918-251-7199, through his website, or on Facebook @hylandpt. 


Michael chose detective costumes for our recording. I think I had way too much fun with this one. I love it when the guest is willing to play along.

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right."

-Henry Ford


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