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Negotiating Your Salary

Episode 028

These days salary is coming up earlier and earlier in the job interview process. Most people struggle to know what’s ok to say, what’s not ok to say, and how to tactfully address this often sticky question. If you answer too high they won’t offer you the job. If you answer too low, you risk being significantly underpaid. If you’ve taken time off work for health or family or are switching industries you might not know where to start.

"It feels a little bit like quicksand..."

Career coach, Iris Culp, is passionate about making sure people don’t undersell themselves. In this episode she and I discuss what is a good answer to the salary question and how to handle other tricky interview topics. She provides some tips on presenting your best self in person and on LinkedIn as well as what factors do go into determining a salary. Maybe most importantly, Iris reminds us that what a person gets paid does not define their worth as a human being.

Iris Culp is a leadership and career coach and the owner of IC Growth. She can be reached through her website and on social media @ic-growth.


Iris was an avid motorcycle rider for many years. She suggested we dress as “motorcycle mamas” for this episode giving me the perfect reason to dawn my leather jacket.

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"I know my worth."


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