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Fund Your Bucket List First

Episode 029

Melissa the coach is an Elton John super fan. To date, she’s seen him in concert 47 times. When she found herself making excuses to her friends about why she couldn’t go to his 60th birthday concert – when the real reason was that she couldn’t afford it – Melissa realized she had a problem. Her husband had a well paying job but they still didn’t have enough money. Her initial solution was to make more money, so she joined a network marketing company, followed the system, and it worked! She made more money. But the problem persisted. They still didn’t HAVE any money

"If you can't manage a small amount of money, you can't manage a large amount of money."

Melissa now knows why they weren’t getting ahead. They weren’t budgeting and they didn’t have a set plan for the money they were brining in. Throughout this episode Melissa shares a candid story of “putting Christmas on credit” and how she got the wake-up call which changed her life.

Melissa the Coach now coaches others on how to take control of their finances, get out of debt, and start enjoying their lives again. Melissa can be reached through her website


Melissa has a special sequined shirt which she wears to every Elton John concert she attends. I did my best to come up with an Elton John inspired costume complete with a jacket and crazy glasses for her episode. Thankfully, when she saw it, she approved.

Follow the show on Instagram @moneyheartshow to see more pics of my costumes from each episode. I also include my guest’s costume when they choose to wear one.



"I know my worth."


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