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For the Love of Money

Episode 032

When someone grows up with a parent who struggles with an addiction and wants to follow a different path as an adult, they can typically make an effort to avoid situations where they might be confronted with that substance or problem. Want to avoid drugs? Don’t hang out with that crowd. Want to avoid alcohol, don’t go to bars and skip that aisle at the grocery store. When your parent’s addiction was gambling and money how do you avoid money in your adult life? Short answer, you can’t! Dave Burlin grew up with a parent who had a gambling addiction and it greatly influenced his money mindset as an adult. Now, not only has he completely changed his mindset about money, two years ago he moved to Las Vegas.

"Even in the convenience stores here, there's a row of machines."

Dave hasn’t placed a bet the entire time he’s been in Las Vegas and he’s in casinos all the time for business meetings and conferences. He’s working to change the next generation by teaching his son new habits and a positive money mindset. In this episode Dave shares his earliest money memories, how they shaped his youth, and how he began the process of taking control of his own money mindset.

Dave Burlin is a Marine Corps Veteran, and he believes that influence is the core foundation for growth. His passion is to help people build more authentic relationships so that they can maximize their influence potential, create more opportunities, and build innovative organizations that make a positive impact in the world.

He is a City Leader for Bunker Labs, a Veteran organization to help inspire, connect, and equip Veterans and their spouses with the resources to start and grow businesses. Dave has tackled some of the most challenging stages including TEDx, and Disruspt HR. With a passion for building relationships, his core message “#WHYNETWORKING” is about connecting with people on a more authentic level, before the business card or the title.

Dave is currently the Director of Sales & Chief Operations Officer at Deliver Capital. Dave and the team of underwriters are changing lives by helping people get the money they deserve to grow the businesses that the world needs now, more than ever!

HERE IS A RANDOM FACT: Dave is also a wedding DJ and private event EMCEE. He has DJ’d more than 350 weddings and private events all over the United States, and you might catch him bouncing around the planet with a gigantic boombox.

Dave can be reached through his website He hosts the Dave Means Business podcast and can be found on social media @daveburlin.


Dave’s DJ career and signature boombox seemed the perfect fit for our costume theme of velour plush track suits.

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"I love my relationship with money."


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