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Valuing the Performing Arts

Episode 033

Quality performers pour tons of time, energy, and money into their craft. Lessons, rehearsals, costumes, makeup, and so very much more. Then they get asked to perform for free. When shutdown happened many of us turned to the arts, to television, movies, and music to keep us entertained and preserve our mental health. At the same time those artists and crews were being deemed “non-essential”. Diana Christine gives us a backstage look into the life of a performing artist.

"It's more than what it looks like."

When Covid hit every project Diana was working on and every workshop she’d planned to attend was cancelled. As we talk she shares what she did to keep herself in shape, the advice she got from her mentors and teachers, and what she did to keep her skills up and keep earning income as a performer during quarantine.

Diana Christine is a professional competitive ballroom dance instructor, an award-winning choreographer, and an adjunct professor of specialty dance at the University of Tulsa. She hires performers for dancing and theater – always paid gigs – and loves connecting people. She can be reached via email at


Diana suggested we dress as vampires for this episode. I loved that idea. She was planning on doing an old world style vampire so I went for a modern executive vampire look.

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"Don't spend it if you don't have it."


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