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Big Fish, Small Pond

Episode 034

Being the “Beer Baron of Tulsa” made Rick Bahlinger a pretty popular guy and that’s kind of unusual for an engineer. When faced with the decision of whether or not to keep his corporate job and relocate or strike out on his own he had a defining moment which made the decision an easy one.

"It was an emotional moment. Us engineers aren't supposed to have those."

In this episode Rick shares the story his corporate career, building a business, and how he’s been able to pivot his business and stay successful first with changing liquor laws and then a couple of years later with Covid. He also shares his point of view on saving for the future and how he made the commitment to start saving for retirement even when his wife wasn’t working and their kids were babies.

Rick Bahlinger is the owner of Runner’s Licensing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Liquor License & Marijuana License processing can be a huge stumbling block to starting a business, especially when it pertains to liquor and marijuana laws. Runners Licensing saves their clients the hassle of dealing with statewide processing of beer, liquor, and other permits and licenses. He can be reached through their website


Rick is a graduate of LSU and he suggested a mardi gras inspired theme for our recording. He had a fantastic outfit and I did my best to keep up.

Follow the show on Instagram @moneyheartshow to see more pics of my costumes from each episode. I also include my guest’s costume when they choose to wear one.



"Even if I start small, I start."


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