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When Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Episode 035

Many people think happiness is just right around the corner. If we could just get the new car, house, or job, if we could lose 10 pounds, or find the perfect partner, or make more money, we think we would be happy. We try the same things over and over and it keeps not working. 

"When I get here, I'll be grateful and happy. Instead of being grateful and happy HERE."

hen Chrissy was first looking at colleges her guidance counselor told her not to bother because she wasn’t smart enough. They said she was a bubbly cheerleader type and she should go find herself a nice husband. Despite the discouragement Chrissy went on to earn her doctorate and become a university professor. She also retained her bubbly personality and enjoys helping people on their journey to find happiness. She explains why our brains tend to go negative and teaches us how to appreciate what’s right now. Chrissy also shares tips on successful journaling and a couple of other tools from her books.

Dr. Chrissy Whiting-Madison obtained her BA in Psychology from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from Langston University and her PhD in Rehabilitation & Research from the University of Arkansas.  She is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Rogers State University where she avidly researches positive psychology, happiness, humor, and joy.

Dr. Chrissy published her first book this past year, called Choosing Happiness, which is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.  She has presented all over the United States and is currently working on her second book, Even Happier.

When Dr. Chrissy is not teaching, reading or traveling, she loves scary movies and spending time with her friends and family.  She is also a proud mom of one daughter and six cats!


Chrissy loves Hello Kitty and wanted to wear her Hello Kitty headband for our episode. I went for a My Melody inspired look. The ears were super fun!

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