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Unblocking Abundance

Episode 038

Before Tabby Halsrud re-examined her money mindset she says she was telling the universe, “Oh, I don’t need money. I’m good. I don’t really like that stuff.” This mindset didn’t just impact her bank account it impacted her salary, how much she paid for her car, and her personal relationships. In this episode she shares how her lack mindset kept getting reinforce by the stories she was telling herself.

"Whatever story you're seeking to validate is going to get validated."

Tabby finally came to understand she was not only blocking money, but also love, joy, abundance, and anything else good that tried to enter her life. She graciously shares her story of closely examining her beliefs in all areas and how she shifted her mindset to believe that she does deserve love and abundance in all areas of her life.

A self-proclaimed fan of “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” Tabby Halsrud now teaches others to unblock abundance in their lives. Her company is called Embrace Her and she can be reached through her website


When Tabby let me know she was going to do something with a hearts theme I had a hard time deciding what costume would coordinate with that. I finally settled on being the cool sunglasses emoji.

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Money Mantra: "I welcome abundance."


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