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Planned Maintenance

Episode 039

Deborah Jenkins is one of those people who’s actually living the dream. She retired at age 45, traveled the world as a part of Doctors Without Borders for 12 years, and now runs a profitable HVAC company with her husband. An expert at living below her means and growing her wealth, Deborah shares her wisdom on the hidden costs of owning a home and her formula for calculating them.

"The wealthy only pay for things once."

Deborah teaches us about the importance of saving consistently because in some years hardly anything will need repair and in other years almost everything will. She says we need to “save for the biggies” because we know they will happen, buy we don’t know when. By saving we’re more likely to get to replace and repair on our schedule instead of scrambling to solve a problem after the fact. Most importantly, Deborah shares how having the money saved ahead of time saves money and grows your wealth in the long run.

Deborah Jenkins and her husband, Julius Warren, own Doc J’s Heat and Air Residential HVAC, focused on pre-planning heating and air conditioning system replacements and planned maintenance. They can be reached through their website or by calling (918) 921-4240.


Deborah wanted to wear a kimono for our recording so I wanted something to fit into the Japanese theme. I opted for a ninja costume and quickly learned how creative I needed to be to convey expressions with my entire face covered.

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Money Mantra: "The cheapest thing in the short term might not be the best investment in the long term."


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