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Overcoming Anxiety

Episode 040

Anxiety is not a choice and yet there is a common misconception that people should just “get over it” or “get out of bed anyway.” Joy Seale lives with anxiety and bravely shares very openly about the stories her brain creates without permission and the challenges she faces in both her daily life and running her business. Knowing that “not everyone has a great day everyday,” Joy teaches us a variety of tips and tricks she’s developed over the years to help run her business and life effectively even on the days when her anxiety is almost overwhelming. 

"Anxiety is kind of the worst, but it can have some, dare I say... benefits."

Joy’s insights about having grace with yourself and with your progress are applicable to all of us whether we struggle with anxiety or not. She does an amazing job of pointing out the importance of good mental health and normalizing therapy. She points out a few strengths people with anxiety typically have and shares how to best help those in your life who have anxiety.

Joy Seale is the owner of the bookkeeping firm, Joybooks. She can be reached through her website or by emailing


Joy requested we do some type of warrior costumes. That gave me the opportunity to pull out my husband’s knight costume and borrow one of his swords. Any day where I get to pose with a sword is a good day for me!

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