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Who Told You That?

Episode 041

Cancer survivor, Edie Tolbert, now runs a profitable day spa and non-profit, but it wasn’t always that way. When she started her first business she didn’t have a written business plan or any real plan other than to start a day spa and serve other cancer survivors. It wasn’t until a couple of years in when she found a few mentors to guide her that Edie was finally able to get a solid plan in place.

"I knew we could do well, I just didn't know how we were going to get there."

After starting her non-profit Edie began working with a business coach and learned the importance of “knowing her numbers.” She shares the story of how she finally stopped telling herself she wasn’t good at numbers and how embracing what used to intimidate her has completely changed her businesses for the better.

Edie Tolbert is the owner of Stonebrook Day Spa and Fitness Studio and the Founder of The Stonebrook Project Nonprofit. She can be reached through her websites and, by emailing, or by calling 918.379.6838.


Edie chose not to wear a costume so I continued with the level 2 of my ever evolving pirate costume.

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Money Mantra: "The numbers don't lie."


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