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Demystifying Medicare

Episode 042

With all kinds of terms like Original, Advantage, Supplements, and Parts A through D, Medicare can get kind of confusing. Medicare expert, Terri Haggard, lays it all out for us as clearly as possible. She clears up what the parts are, what has deductibles, co-insurance, and maximums, and when to start evaluating your options even if you’re still working.

"One phone call I get all the time is, 'Just sign me up for the best. I want the best!' and I really don't approach it that way. What's best for you may not be best for your neighbor. It's important to find the best fit for you."

Terri tells us that drug costs are 90% of the cost of insurance. She explains what the “donut hole” is, how to figure out when it might it you, and how to avoid this gap in coverage. She also gives tips on how to choose a plan, what things to consider, handling open enrollment, and a few most common mistakes to avoid.

Terri Haggard is a licensed health insurance agent in 8 states and can be reached through her website or by calling 918-853-8445.


Terri suggested dressing as a doctor for this episode. Even when my guests choose not to dress in costume I love having them pick the theme.

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