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Empathy and Imagination

Episode 043

Ever make a money decision that just didn’t make any sense at all? Dr. Alexandra Luce specializes in teaching people in the intelligence field how to use the information they have to make better decisions about the future. In this episode she shares about a time when she compounded one major money blunder (not saving for taxes) by adding a second one (paying her boyfriends taxes instead of her own). We discuss what’s going on in our brains when we make irrational decisions and why it’s so darn hard to make good choices for our future selves.

"We have a tendency towards very short-term thinking... We also have a really powerful capacity to ignore things."

Our capacity to ignore things is great if we want to focus, but not so great when we need to make decisions that will affect us in the long term. Alex shares an amazing amount of insight on how our brains work when making all sorts of decisions. She teaches us how to hack in and reprogram our brains to be kind to our future selves and make our lives what we want them to be.

Alex can be reached through her website or through LinkedIn.


Alex didn’t have a lot of costume stuff on hand, but she did have a red hat. She mentioned wanting to do something travel related and when I saw the hat I instantly thought of Carmen Sandiego. She loved that idea so she was Carmen and I was The Cheif.

Follow the show on Instagram @moneyheartshow to see more pics of my costumes from each episode. I also include my guest’s costume when they choose to wear one.



Money Mantra: "Be kind to your future self."


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