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Money and Marriage

Episode 048

Marquess met and married his wife in just 85 days. Yep, 85 days! With such a short courtship they didn’t have much time to learn each other’s money management style. When it came time to make decisions about budgeting and spending their individual habits and preferences clashed… big time.

"Let's just say the worlds came crashing together."

Marquess shares the story of how he and his wife met, how they knew they were meant to be, and how they’ve worked through their money management differences. At first, they argued a lot. Then they figured out how to handle things more constructively. Marquess and I have a fabulous discussion on how money factors into a couple’s decisions and how each of us have our own values attached to how we budget, save, and spend. We also cover how pride and our egos so often get in the way of a productive discussion.

A lovely quote which Marquess learned and shares with us is, “You’re winning the argument, but you’re losing me.” He also reminds us to have grace with ourselves and not to compare to other couples, but to walk our own path together.

Marquess Dennis is the Executive Director of Birthright Living Legacy a non-profit dedicated to bringing men together to celebrate fatherhood. He can be reached through the Birthright Living Legacy website brlivinglegacy.comHe also has a podcast called Birthright Living Legacy and is looking for fathers to tell their stories.


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